Thursday, December 14, 2006


Yakitori is the latest culinary craze in New York City, following the popularity of habachi in the 1980s (Benihana, anyone?) and sushi (Nobu) in the 1990s. Yakitori literally means grilled chicken in Japanese but it is often used to describe a method of cooking, that is grilled (food) on skewers.

At least three yakitori restaurants have opened on St. Mark's Place in the last year. The East Village area has always been a popular spot for all things Japanese, from the grocery stores and delis to the bookstores and restaurants.

This photo was taken at Oh Taisho, one of the yakitori restaurants on St. Mark's Place. The restaurant has about 20 tables and long counter facing the small open kitchen where you can watch as your food is being prepared. Most of the items on the menu are grilled (obviously) but there are also other options like ramen (noodle soups), yakisoba (stir-fried soba noodles), okonomiyaki (pancakes), and tempura (battered and fried items).

N.B.: I love the okonomiyaki!