Thursday, May 17, 2007

Update: It's Roast Duck, Silly

I was told the last two photos I posted were roast ducks, which are totally different from Peking duck. I stand corrected!! To be honest, I have only eaten Peking duck once when someone ordered it for us. Thanks, Carol from Oh for the love of food for the information.

Also, please stop by Chris & Deb's Minneapolis Daily Photo to see how we can enjoy ducks in a different way.

Peking Duck Take-Out Window

This is a fast food take-out window for Peking duck at a restaurant in Flushing, Queens. I know how oxymoronic it sounds especially since a good Peking duck takes more than a day to prepare. I guess the owner managed to incorporate the best of the East and West to bring the cuisine to the masses.

The photo here shows how Peking duck is traditionally served. It is encased in a steamed bun and then topped with scallions and hoisin sauce. However, I think the restaurant here served it with julienned slices of cucumber instead. Each of these little Peking duck stuffed buns costs $0.75.