Saturday, April 28, 2007

Junior's Cheesecake

Almost everyone who has tasted Junior's cheesecake says it is the best cheesecake in world. The company, started by Harry Rosen, began as a humble diner in downtown Brooklyn in 1929. The name of the diner was changed to Junior's in 1950 after Harry's children, Walter and Marvin, took over the business. Today, Junior's is a successful mail order business selling cheesecakes and other pastries, in addition to its original diner in Brooklyn and two new restaurants in Times Square and Grand Central Station.

When I used to work in downtown Brooklyn, I would occasionally stop by the original Junior's diner to get some cheesecakes and coffee. The diner, in my opinion, has lost much of its appeal due to poor customer service and mediocre food, but the cheesecake is still king. I have not been to the other two Junior's restaurants in Times Square or Grand Central Station but I hear the food and service are better there.

During holiday seasons, it is not uncommon to see a line of people at the diner and restaurants. especially at the take-out bakery section. It seems like everyone is there to buy a cheesecake (or two) for their families or friends.
So do you have a favorite dessert?

The Namesake

Last year, I read an interesting collection of essays by award winning author, Jhumpur Lahiri called, Interpreter of Maladies. The author also wrote a wonderful novel called, The Namesake that was made into a movie earlier this year.

I saw the movie recently and loved it. The story revolves around a young Indian immigrant and his wife in New York City (in the early 1970's) and the subsequent struggles of their children as 1st generation Indian-Americans (in the 1990s) who had to reconcile their identities and culture in this country. If you want to watch a movie this weekend, this is a good one to see.

So what movies have you seen lately?