Monday, April 23, 2007

Mange Al Fresco

The weather this weekend was absolutely gorgeous; we had 75˚F (24˚C) temperature, low humidity and plenty of sunshine. It was our first warm weekend of the season and everyone was outside enjoying the weather, including me. One of the most thrilling things about warm Spring weather in NYC is al fresco dining. Few restaurants have outdoor seatings but those that do, are always packed with a hungry crowd.

This photo, taken outside of
Cipriani Downtown, shows the waiter spooning freshly cooked pasta onto individual serving plates for the diners at the table. Cipriani Downtown is one of the most popular and expensive restaurants in one of the most popular and expensive neighborhoods (SoHo) in Manhattan. Most of the diners, I assume, are wealthy European expatriates who can afford $25 for a plate of pasta. But then again, it only costs them €18.

Happy Earth Day

Today is Earth Day so I guess it is appropriate to talk about TIME Magazine's 51 Things We Can Do to Save the Environment, which I read about on Belinda of Bel's Fish Bowl blog. According to the magazine article, everyone of us can do a little bit to reduce carbon dioxide emission and consequently, slow down the rate of global warming on Earth.

Using public transportation (bus or subway) or walking and biking are two of the items listed in the magazine because transportation accounts for 30% of all carbon dioxide emission. Unfortunately, it is not always practical especially if you do not live in an urban city.

Other ways to reduce carbon dioxide emission include paying your bills online and signing up for e-notification, using energy saving compact fluorescent lightbulbs (CFL), washing the laundry in warm water instead of hot and washing one big load instead of multiple small loads, opening the window instead of switching on the air-conditioner, and eating less meat products.

So what are you doing to protect Mother Earth for our future generations?