Monday, July 7, 2008

Obama T-Shirts & Buttons

The election for the new President of United States is only a few months away (November 4) and one of our presumptive candidates is, of course Mr. Barack Obama. This is a historic event for the country because Mr. Obama is the first African-American/black person who has come this far in the presidential race. In addition, Hilary Clinton was the first woman candidate to reach the final two nominations for the Democratic party.

All these events mean big businesses for retailers and artists who are capitalizing on the occasion to sell t-shirts, buttons, bags, etc. Earlier during the week, I saw a booth at Union Square selling mugs and posters of Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton for $15/piece. I don't think either candidate receive any money from the sale of those items.

So are you an out-and-proud political activist who would wear a t-shirt supporting a candidate or are you a quiet voter who won't discuss who you would vote for at an election?