Thursday, September 6, 2007

Wooden Chandelier

This beautiful chandelier made of wooden branches covered with crystal drops and a deer antler base hangs above one of the exits at the Grand Central Station. I have tried many times to photograph this light fixture but can never capture the essense of its beauty. For some reason, this is one object that looks better in real life than in photographs.

So has this ever happened to you where you cannot seem to capture the beauty of a scenery or object on film (or digital format)?

Installation Art on Pine Street

This is a gigantic art installation entitled Group of Four Trees by Jean DuBuffet in front of the Chase Manhattan Plaza, the tall building in the background. The structure is located on Pine Street, between Nassau and William Street in the Financial District of downtown Manhattan.

When I took the photo of this structure, I neglected to also photograph the names of the artist and artwork displayed at the site so it took me about half an hour this morning to research all the information to put on here.

To see a different view and appreciate its sheer size, click on here. You can see that it is at least 50 feet tall.

Do you also photograph the information of the artist and the name of the artwork when you see a piece of art that you like?