Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Baggy Reflection

I was looking to buy a new bag for work a couple weeks ago so I visited some interesting stores that carry obscure brands with unconventional designs. This was one of the stores I visited -- NYC Velo is a essentially bicycle shop in the East Village that also sells a range of messenger bags including this one in the photo.

Normally, this would be a boring photo but when I downloaded it onto my laptop, I noticed the reflection on the glass window. You can see part of a bicycle wheel on the upper right hand corner. I didn't buy that bag in the window. I bought a Jack Spade messenger bag instead.

Check out this outdoor fashion show of Jack Spade's bags during the recent New York Fashion Week at Bryant Park. It was staged in the middle of the park around regular New Yorkers who were outside enjoying the weather. Everyone there pretty much ignored the commotion -- so typically New York.

So when was the last time you bought a bag?