Friday, August 10, 2007

Isamu Noguchi Garden Museum

This is the Isamu Noguchi Garden Museum located on the edge of Astoria, near the East River in Queens. It is not on the regular tourist route but sometimes, art enthusiasts will trek across the river from Manhattan to see the small but distinctive collection of Isamu Noguchi's work.

Noguchi (read about his life here) may not be a household name among great American-born artists but most of us have seen two of his most famous works (or derivatives of them), which are the paper screen lanterns/lamps and the Noguchi table.

This is one of my favorite museums in NYC because it is small and manageable, and never crowded. Of course, nothing beats MoMA or the MET, but the Noguchi Museum is in a special class of its own.

Who are your favorite artists OR where is your favorite museum?