Saturday, March 10, 2007

Urban Oasis

New York City had its warmest winter in history last December followed by some of the coldest months in January and February. The two extremes in weather conditions should make us pause to think what is happening on Mother Earth.

The cold temperature in the city has moved most social activities indoors and one of the most interesting places to enjoy a cup of coffee while catching some rays of sunshine is inside the Trump Tower atrium located on the corner of Madison Avenue and 56th Street. The glass and steel structure is temperature controlled and bathed in bright sun light from outside. Dozens of tables and chairs are arranged around art installations and 10-foot (3-meter) bamboo patches inside the atrium. Entrance is free but most importantly, there is a small coffee shop here where you can get your caffeine fix under the sun.

In the future, will we all live in an enclosed environment like this? Are you doing anything to reduce energy consumption or limit environmental pollution?