Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween Party in the Village II

Here is the second installation of photos from the Halloween street party yesterday. These people were NOT part of the Halloween parade that marched up 6th Avenue from Spring to 23rd Street. They were actually revelers dressed up in costumes and hanging out in the Village or heading to a party somewhere.

There was a huge stadium size spot light at Sheriden Square so I stood there for three hours watching people walk by. As soon as I saw someone interesting, I went up and asked if he or she could step in front of the light so I could take a photo. Most of them gave me three to four poses to photograph.

So would you stop and pose for a stranger?

Halloween Party in the Village

Every year, the city organizes a Halloween parade in the Greenwich Village. So after work yesterday, I went downtown to take some photos of Halloween revelers on the street. I saw a lot of amazing costumes and everyone was willing to pose for me.

So here is the first collage of people and costumes from the street party. Click on the photo to see a bigger version of it. I will post the second and third collages in the next couple of days.

So which is your favorite photo?