Monday, December 15, 2008

Holiday Bazaar at Union Square

Every December, temporary shopping bazaars pop up all over the city to sell everything from food and jewelries to clothes and bags for the holiday season. This year, there are three holiday bazaars that I know of (there maybe more) : Union Square on 14th Street, Bryant Park on 42nd Street and Columbus Circle on 60th Street. This photo was taken at the Union Square site.

So do you have a holiday bazaar in your city?

Update: Opps! I forgot about our mid-month subway theme day until Peter of Paris and Virginia of Birmingham alerted me to my faux pas. So how am I going to spin this? Okay, see that roof on the upper left corner of the photo? That's the roof of the 14th Street subway station at Union Square. Here is another view of the subway roof taken from above.

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