Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Photo Update : Spike, the Bull Dog

This is a photo update of my previous post of Spike, the Bulldog.

I found out this morning that Spike was featured in the Travel Section of the New York Times. I wanted to share the photo with everyone so I'm posting a second photo for the day.

Photo Credit: This photo was taken by Eric Hauser of the New York Times.

It's All Gone to the Dogs

I would like to introduce everyone to my neighbors, Sasha (Husky) and Spike (Bulldog). They live in the same building as I do and I frequently bump into them in the elevator, the lobby or outside on the street. Sasha is a little shy and Spike is a sweetheart.

This photo, taken last Sunday, shows Sasha and Spike dressed in their special outfits because they were invited guests at our neighborhood's St. Patrick's Day Parade. This is the 8th year our neigbhorhood has hosted the local parade.