Thursday, April 19, 2007


This photo was taken in front of the General Motors (GM) Building between 58th and 59th Street, and 5th Avenue, otherwise known as Central Park Southeast. The vertical lines on the top half of the photo are marble pillars or columns that hold up the three-storey tall lobby entrance. The smooth surface on the bottom half is actually a highly polish marble bench located on the promenade of the building. This photo was taken late in the evening, which make the lights and reflection so clear and visible. Here is another view of the lobby entrance to the GM Building.

Central Park Southeast boasts an enviable list of well-known attractions including the Apple Cube Store (you can see the GM Building in the background), the Statue of Victory, and the Statue of Pomona, the Plaza Hotel (now known as the Plaza Residence, and the Bergdorf Goodman Departmental Store.