Monday, March 26, 2007

Artist Colony: Art Sale

We had our first beautiful sunny weekend of the spring season and everyone was outside enjoying the weather, including me. I was so happy to see the sun out again that I felt like twirling and singing, "The hills are alive with the sound of music....!" Okay, maybe not so much twirling as in hopping and skipping.

On Saturday and Sunday, after fueling myself with brunch and three cups of coffee at my favorite cafe, I walked all over the city armed with my little trusty camera and took over 150 photos for this blog. I took multiple shots of the same scenes from different angles so I will be lucky to get at last 10 usable photos. Nonetheless, I will be profiling the Union Square market for the next couple of days.

This photo of the artist colony that congregates at Union Square every Saturday shows the city's support for art and creativity. Some of the artists are extremely talented while others are merely entrepreneurial. Art works for sale range from photography and paintings to sculptures and tchotchkes.

So do you collect any tchotchkes?