Monday, July 2, 2007

iPhone Madness

Apple, Inc. unveiled its much ballyhooed iPhone on Friday, June 29 at 6:00 PM in New York City and across the country. People began forming a line at the Apple Store on 5th Avenue between 58th and 59th Street as early as Tuesday night -- three days before the product went on sale. However, the more interesting news about this event was that only a few of the people waiting in line were actually going to keep the iPhones for themselves. Some of them were there as a favor for their (otherwise working and wealthier) friends while the others were hoping to scalp the iPhones for a profit. One very entrepreneural young man was interviewed on TV and said his iPhone was available for sale at $1,000 once he got it. The phone normally retails at $499 (4 Gig) and $599 (8 Gig).

Keropokman from Singapore Daily Photo suggested I go to the Apple Store to photograph the event so I did, on Friday afternoon at about 4:00 PM. When I got there, numerous press agencies and policemen have already descended on the plaza and there were barricades set up to improve traffic flow and crowd control. In the photo, you can see the glass cube where the Apple Store is located and the people who have been waiting since Tuesday. Some brought sleeping bags while others had folding lawn chairs. It was an interesting sight indeed.

For more photos of the iPhone launch event, click here.

So have you ever done something like this before? If not, what would make you stand in line for more than a couple of hours so you can get the tickets or entry to an event?