Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Chimneys in NYC

These chimneys on top of a co-op building on Park Avenue and 60th Street are quite unique and interesting. I believe the apartments in the building have individual wood burning fire places, which are rare and found only in very old and expensive apartments. Nowadays, new buildings have electronic heating systems that negate the use of steam pipes or fire places to keep the place warm.

I have never lived in a house with a wood burning fire place. But I find the concept very appealing because of all the beautiful imageries I saw in movies and television while growing up. I would love to spend a winter vacation in an old house so I can build a fire in the furnace and curl up next to it while drinking hot cocoa. And maybe toast some marshmallows.

Have you ever lived in a house with a fire place? Did you enjoy or was it more work than it seemed?