Monday, April 2, 2007

How about a kiss for me?

I met this cutie pie over the weekend. He was inquisitive, restless, impatient and totally adorable. But he would not stay still for a photo so his owner cradled him while I quickly snapped the photo. He was making a face because he was trying to sniff my camera.

He is a little French Bulldog puppy, one of the most popular breeds in New York City because of its size and intelligence. According to the New York Magazine article on Ten City-Friendly Dogs, French Bulldogs are great for small apartments because it has a good balance temperament and is not too energetic.

In the same issue of the magazine, there was a calculation of how much it would cost to own a dog in New York City. The tally ranged from $5,099.94 to $52,699.19 per year. Granted, some of the expenses are a little outrageous but who else gives you unconditional love?

So how about that kiss? He is still waiting for one!