Saturday, January 6, 2007

Chauffeured Town Car

Chauffeured luxury sedans, or car service as we call it here, are a fairly common sight in parts of New York City, especially on 5th Avenue in Manhattan where this photo was taken. Out-of-town businessmen and well-to-do tourists usually hire these car services to chauffeur them around town. Local New Yorkers also use them to get to airports because the yellow taxi cabs do not pick up passengers from their homes.

The chauffeur in this photo was waiting for his passenger outside the Trump Tower. You can see a white card with a number on the front driver window. This allows the passenger to identify the car service he/she has ordered because sometimes, there can be three to four similar
looking sedans parked on the street. The average cost for a car service like this is about $60/hour.

Personally, I love car service. They are extremely comfortable and convenient.