Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Hiro @ the Maritime Hotel

There are photos taken at Hiro, a dance club in the Maritime Hotel in Chelsea. My friend, Brien took these photos three weeks ago. I was not able to go because I was on the plane floating somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic on my way home to NYC. I love the colors in the photos.

When was the last time you dance in public? Dancing around the house on your own doesn't count. :-)

Hermès Rooftop Statue

About two months ago, Peter in Paris posted a photo of the statue of Napolean on a horse on top of the Hermès store in the french capital. He mentioned in his blog that Natalie of Sydney Daily Snap had also posted a similar photo from Australia. So I told Peter I would go and take a picture of the statue at the New York City store on Madison Avenue and 62nd Street.

Here is a list of bloggers who have posted photos of the Hermès statue around the world:

Let me know if here are any more Hermès statue photos so I can add on to the list.

When was the last time you bought something obscenely expensive?