Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Taschen Store Skylight

This is the inside view of the new Taschen Bookstore in SoHo. Taschen Books is the most prolific publisher of coffee table books in the world. It publishes books on topics ranging from art and design to film and pop culture.

There is a huge skylight at the rear end of the store, which floods the area gorgeous natural light coming through the glass ceiling. In addition, you can see the distinct SoHo loft architecture of the buildings abutting the store. The concrete wall on the right is the entrance to a staircase leading down to the basement offices. The walls of the stairwell is painted with wild, psychedelic shapes and colors, which is very indicative of the type of books the store carries.

If you like books, check out the site, Leaves of Grass by Sonia A. Mascaro who posted some wonderful photos of home libraries filled with books. I even noticed a few coffee table books in her photos.

Do you have any coffee table books at home?