Sunday, September 7, 2008

Plimoth Plantation in Plymouth, MA

Here are some photos from my Boston trip last weekend. They were taken at the Plimoth Plantation, a re-creation of a village in Plymouth, Massachusetts that were built by English settlers to the New World in 1627. On the other side of the plantation is the Wampanoah village where the Native Americans lived. In the 2nd photo, you can see a man and a woman dressed in period costumes performing chores that were commonly done during that time period. The "actors" will answer any questions you may have about life in the village.

This is what I learned from them. 1. The early selttlers bathed only once a week but changed into freshly laundred clothes every day. 2. There were no functioning toilets but there were designated areas for people to do "their business". 3. Women were prohibited from wearing pants and men were not allowed to wear shorts.

So what modern conveniences would you miss most if you were magically transported back to the 1620s?