Friday, October 12, 2007

Graffiti or Art?

Is this graffiti or art? I found this scene in SoHo near some of the most expensive retail outlets in New York City. I think this is an entrance to one of the few artist studios that are still in SoHo.

Most of the original buildings here were warehouses (dangerous and undesirable) in the 1970s. Then struggling artists moved into the area (cheap rent, huge spaces) in the 1980s and gentrification began. In the 1990s, SoHo became a hip and chic area and today, it has some of the most expensive luxury retail stores and condos in the city.

So what was your neighborhood like 30 years ago?

N.B.: I have been really busy at work lately so if I haven't stopped by your site to say HI, please excuse my absence. I will try to drop by when I have some time.