Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Bloomberg Tower

This is the new Bloomberg Tower on Lexington Avenue and 59th Street. It was completed in 2005, and stands at 806 feet (246 meters) high and 54 stories tall. The first 9 floors are offices while the rest (tower) are condominiums. It currently houses, among other offices, restaurants and retail stores, the headquarters for Bloomberg LP. Michael Bloomberg is the current mayor of New York City.

The complex was designed by Cesar Pelli & Associates and was voted as one of the best skyscrapers of NYC in 2005.


Delta Movies said...

Cool pic! I love the massive sense of scale and just an edge of forboding. The lines from the bottom part of the building and the top part are interesting from this angle.

Pss...edit out that little 'blip' in the top left hand corner though. Looks like just the tip of a street lamp or something got caught in the shot.

We're almost there!


Ming_the_Merciless said...

Good eye there, B. I edited out the "blip".