Thursday, December 21, 2006


I was having dinner at the Sunnyside Grill, a favorite restaurant, this week and noticed the reflections on the table top. Out came my camera and asnapping I went. The little tiny lights you see are Christmas lights from the outside of the restaurant being reflected on the glass windows and then re-reflected onto the marble table top and water glass. It reminds me of a romantic cafe in Paris.

To put a New York City spin on it, you can see the elevated subway track on the upper right corner of the photo. That's the Number 7 train line that connects Times Square and Grand Central Station in Manhattan to Shea Stadium and Flushing in Queens.

So where and when was your most romantic dinner date?


Delta Movies said...

You've captured the often hidden and obscure romantic possibilities of the city.

After my last visit to NYC, it seemed strikingly evident to me that many New Yorkers become so accustomed to the unique beauty around them, that the romantic potentials in small cafes representative by this picture, are often sadly missed.

It's probably the same for us living on the bayou's in Louisiana. This picture really makes me think about what I may not be seeing in my own city and community in this regard due to 'familiarity'.


Susan in Hotlanta said...

I do like that! There are reflections everywhere. It just goes to show that you can find beauty every where.

Ming_the_Merciless said...

Delta - You are always so insightful!! :-)

Susan - that would be a great way to live. A good mantra indeed.

Jing said...

nice shot, and where is the romantic dinner...
mmm...warm and cosy home.:P