Monday, December 18, 2006

Water Taxi

The New York Water Taxi service provides a quick way to get across the East River (to Brooklyn and Queens) and the Hudson River (to New Jersey) from Manhattan. This is another way New Yorkers commute around the city.

Although the water taxi is the least popular mode of transportation in terms of the number of commuters who use it each day, it is nonetheless, an integral part of what makes New York City run smoothly. Most commuters who regularly use the water taxi either live or work near the river where the subway system does not serve. And since there is less traffic on the river than it is on the street, the water taxi can be a quick way to get across town.

The bridge in the background is the Manhattan Bridge that links Manhattan and Brooklyn. The area under the bridge on the Brooklyn side is called, DUMBO (District Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass) and is considered an up-and-coming neighborhood. The small two-storey white building with red roof under the bridge is the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory.


Lavender Lady said...

Yellow...of course! Nice skyline.

Jing said...

yellow, i have the same feeling as lavender~~ :)
and the landscape is nice~~~
its hardly to catch this kind of view for me.

shanghai daily photo

Ming_the_Merciless said...

Jing, I was lucky to get this shot because my college friends were in town and wanted to see the river. So we went to the South Street Seaport. As soon as I walked out onto the balcony, I knew I had to take that shot.

Delta Movies said...

Nicely lit pic. Such a wonderfully relaxing picture of NYC life! The sun gently strikes the front of the yellow taxi boat and beautifully illuminates the sides of the bridge, creating depth and interest. Nicely setup shot too. Koodoos!

Anonymous said...

I enjoy looking through/reading this blog. Lovely photos. Keep it up!

-student in Charleston, SC

Ming_the_Merciless said...

Delta Movies, you were there with me! You were the out-of-towner!! LOL

Thanks, Charleston, SC.

Anonymous said...

Little mistake...the bridge on the background is not Manhattan Bridge but Brooklyn Bridge.

Manhattan Bridge is completely made of steel and is painted in blue.

But both bridges connects manhattan to brooklyn.