Sunday, January 21, 2007

Brooklyn Museum of Art

Here is another photo of the Brooklyn Museum of Art and its collection of Rodin sculptures. The original museum structure and the second floor promenade can be seen through the glass ceiling of the new pavilion.

The Brooklyn Museum of Art has twelve pieces of Rodin sculptures. Auguste Rodin (Nov 12, 1840 - Nov 17, 1917) was a 19th century French artist who was best known for his bronze statues eventhough he was an accomplished painter. In fact, it was his work as a portrait artist in the 1870s that brought him financial success and recognition in the art world. Rodin's most famous works include The Thinker and The Kiss

I just learned how to use so here are more photos of the Brooklyn Museum of Art.


Olivier said...

il est vraiment tres beau et tres moderne ce musée. je te souhaite un bon dimanche

it is really very beautiful and very modern this museum. I wish you good Sunday

Annie said...

Oh, this is very nice to see. How ever did you get permission to take the photos? I'm so happy to have been there via your blog today.

Ming_the_Merciless said...

I didn't ask for permission. :-) I just took the photos. Usually, in a private space like this, if they don't allow photography, there would be a sign or someone would come up and say, "No photos!" But from my experience, most museums do allow photography but the flash has to be turned off.

pcfranchina said...

You can always try and snap off a few shots before ya get yelled at anyways, as long as your camera is quiet. :) Nice shot!


sandman_gr said...

Great photo-The building must be beautiful! I love Rodin, so this will be a must-see when I visit NY (soon I hope!)