Saturday, January 27, 2007

Ferrara @ Little Italy

Ferrara is one of the oldest and most well known family owned cafes in New York City. It is located in Little Italy on Grand Street between Mott and Mulberry Street. The cafe, initially called Caffe A. Ferrara, was opened by Italian immigrants, Antonio Ferrara and Enrico Scoppa in 1892. Antonio Ferrara's nephew married Enrico Scoppa's daughter in 1929 thus uniting the business under one family.

Today, Ferrara has expanded to include a number of cafes, bakeries, and a very successful mail-order business. It is well known for its delicious Italian pastries and cakes, and every Italian-American bride orders her wedding cake from the store. The business is still owned and run by the 5th generation of the original owners.

This photo was taken from the entrance of the flagship store in Little Italy. The cafe is always packed with patrons and getting a table at the cafe is almost impossible, especially during after-dinner hours.

Click here for another photo of the cafe.


Keropok Man said...

posting italian gelatos soon? hehe...

something outside this post, was watching Discovery channel and it was talking about Papaya Dogs in NYC. Is it really that good?

Ming_the_Merciless said...

Grey's Papaya? It's a 99 cent hotdog chain restaurant. Is it good? I don't know! I haven't had one in over years!!! I assume they taste like any other hotdogs.

I will do some research and let you know. :-) Oh, and take some gelato pictures.

Oy, all this research is going to be torture on my diet.

Delta Movies said...

Oh gosh...I miss the restaurants in NYC. I wonder how much a typical wedding cake cost from Ferrara's?


angela said...

Look at that queue. It must be good.
So glad you didn't post a photo of the pastries!

Dsole said...

Wow... there a lot of poeple inside!! I'm glad it's not a Starbucks now

Annie said...

A busy place, I see, and one that I would love to see first hand.

pcfranchina said...

That place is always packed!


Oya said...

Well, I have noted this cafe. Will definetly try when i come to New York. Thank you for the link also.