Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Herald Square

Herald Square is the twin park of Greeley Square at the intersecting avenues of Broadway and Sixth, and 34th Street in Manhattan. The two triangular squares point towards each other at the long end, forming a bowtie shaped configuration of public space.

Olivier of Evry Daily Photo mentioned the clock on Herald Square in his comment to the photo of Greeley Square last week. I promised him I would go back and take a photo of the clock for him. So please thank Olivier for this photo.


Annie said...

Thanks to Olivier and to you, Ming, for bringing us the picture of Herald Square. I've always heard about it but had never seen it before today.

santy said...

I'd love to sit there and have my cuppa coffee! :)

~tanty~ said...

Beautiful square and beautiful photo! It would be nice sitting there.

Olivier said...

je m'etais trompe. merci pour la photo Ming, j'aime beaucoup ce petit park et le soir il y a une superbe vue sur l'ESB illuminé.
Le park est illuminé aussi à ce que je vois, cela lui va tres bien.

I was horn. thank you for the Ming photograph, I like much this small park and the evening there is a superb sight on the illuminated ESB. The park is also illuminated so that I see, that suits him very well.

Dsole said...

That's seems a lovely place!
I enjoy too much with all these little places you show to us! :)

ndiginiz said...

Tena koe ehoa
A good exposure for a morning image such as this. El' fresco meets inner city dining!
Thanks for dropping by "nativ flavaz" recently Ming!
I appreciate meeting new photographers and fellow bloggers.

Keropok Man said...

Thanks both Ming and Olivier for this photo!

Like Santy, after surfing around a few DP, time to have a coffee break.

Anonymous said...

I am a novelist. I am writing a scene taking place near Herald Square on New Years Eve. Someone says it's getting close to midnight and looks at the Herald Square clock. Your image was quite helpful. Thanks.