Friday, March 23, 2007

Nautica Jeans Girls

I was invited to the Nautica Live N Jeans party at Metro 53 last night. The party, co-sponsored by Nautica Jeans Co. and ESPN, was organized to launch the new N Series Jeans.

These Nautica Jeans girls from the party were nice enough to pose for me. They were there to help party goers (including me) select the correct size jeans for our swag bags. There were also delicious finger food and free beer. And fun was had by all!!

NB: Sorry for the grainy photo. There was not a lot of light in the bar.


Kuanyin said...

So what was your swag?

Lavender Lady said...

Gosh...I did not know the populare definition of swag.. I learned something today!

Ackworth Born said...

Nice photo

The link to the party goes to your edit screen -- needs killing or correcting.

Dsole said...

Cool, this kind of parties are the best! I'm glad that you had fun!

And for me the link does work!

Olivier said...

je note l'adresse pour mon futur voyage. Voila des modeles heureuses d'etre photographiées.
Je ne connais pas cette boutique,je pense pas en avoir vu à Evry.
Passe un bon weekend

I note the address for my future voyage. Veiled models happy to be photographed. I do not know this shop, I do not think of having seen some in Evry. Pass a good weekend

Ming_the_Merciless said...

kuanyin - I got a pair of jeans, a CD and a box of candy.

lavender lady - It became a popular term when the IRS threatened to tax celebrities who received all the free stuff at parties.

ackworth born - Thank you for noticing the mistake. I have edited and corrected it.

dsole & olivier - Thanks for visiting.

angela said...

Nice work..

Per Stromsjo said...

As a matter of fact I think you ended up part of the photo yourself… :)

Annie said...

How interesting that NYC is small enough that you have all this to photograph within 2 miles of your home. I'm astounded. But then where I live I must drive at least 10 miles to see the city action.

Fabrizio ikol22 said...

Grainy photo? Oh... Models are so pretty that I didn't notice that ;-)

Nathalie said...

Oooh you have been bought!
All this brand advertising on your blog in exchange for a pair of jeans! Shame on you Ming ! LOL

Delta Movies said...

Wonderful! Companies selling jeans or whatever their product(s) might be is simply part of our real different than the local coffee shop providing a nice steaming hot cup of joe. Sounds like you met some nice peeps, had fun, saw some hot girls (guys), and gave your viewers insight into how that part of our world operates. I had no idea that those things occurred. Thanks for revealing this most interesting side of NYC to me. I will prolly check out these new Jeans too as soon as they hit the shelves in our fair city.