Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Photo Update : Spike, the Bull Dog

This is a photo update of my previous post of Spike, the Bulldog.

I found out this morning that Spike was featured in the Travel Section of the New York Times. I wanted to share the photo with everyone so I'm posting a second photo for the day.

Photo Credit: This photo was taken by Eric Hauser of the New York Times.


Olivier said...

deux photos cultes ;o)) cela doit être la mascotte de la parade. Superbe, bravo ;o)

two photographs worships ;O)) that must be the mascot of the parade. Superb, cheer ;O)

isabella said...

Are we getting ready for St. Patrick's Day parade already? Where is my green beer, then ;-)

Anonymous said...

Very cute -- this photo and the one below!


Fay said...

I read the article in NYT, really funny. Thanks for the recommendation. I realize I don't have one single green shirt in my wardrobe, so I need to get one within a week, keke~

Jing said...

hey,ming, you have the cute and nice neighbour.:P
hee hee...i love this superstar.

and he really has great and cool costume.

shanghai daily photo

Victoria said...


Han said...

I love them!

bulldogs, though not being handsome, are very cute, have good behavior generally.

ruth said...

Ming, that's quite an impressive neighbor, famous and everything, soon he'll be moving into the Tribeca neighborhood (or are you already there?).

Are you saying the St. Patrick's Day parade already happened? Why so early?

Ming_the_Merciless said...

Ruth - This is the Queens' parade. The BIG parade will be on March 17 in Manhattan. Also, this parade is all inclusive, ie. everyone can participate, esp. the gay and lesbian groups, non-Irish dancers, bands, etc.

Girasol said...

Looks that somebody is ready for St. Patrick's Day!!!