Friday, March 2, 2007

Stone Street

Stone Street, located in downtown New York, is a unique block of shopping and dining destinations in an otherwise grey and bland section of the city. The financial district, where Wall Street is king, is not known for its charm or beauty. The streets are narrow and the buildings are tall. This results in a light deprived environment where everything looks shadowy and bleak despite the wealth and financial power surrounding it.

Stone Street is lined with 18th century buildings that have been restored and converted into restaurants and retail spaces. Since no new constructions are allowed on this historic block, the area is bathed with sunlight and colors. In the summer, the street is closed to automobile traffic and side walk cafes spring up to create a beautiful oasis of beauty in the middle of this concrete jungle.


Olivier said...

merci pour ce post, c'est vrai que ce quartier est bizzarre, avec toutes ces rues etroites, pas facile de prendre des photos. je n'aime pas trop ce quartier, pour une bonne raison, je me perds à chaque fois ;o)) Je te souhaite un bon weekend dans la ville qui ne dort jamais

thank you for this post, it is true that this district is bizzarre, with all these narrow streets, not easy to take photographs. I do not like too this district, for a good reason, I lose myself each time ;O) ) I wish you a good weekend in the city which never sleeps

Annie said...

Ah, Ming, that sounds like a wonderful street for a stroll and a bite to eat.

Delta Movies said...

I remember all of us eating lunch with Jason off Wallstreet and enjoying the moody street settings you describe so well in your post. The shadowy light-play, cobblestone streets, quaint buildings, and nearby Battery Park make for a wonderfully lazy NYC afternoon. It's about as close to a European street setting as you will encounter in the US.

Oh you lucky, lucky NYC peeps.

meanwhile...back to the gators...

Swamps of Louisiana.

Kate said...

It sounds like an oasis in the city! Thank goodness for imagination. Re. the statues in Mazatlan for Carnaval--they are made of a material that looks like paper mache, but much sturdier and harder. Definitely not the balloon types; the wires keep them grounded sturdily. Crowds are enormous during Carnaval.

TCho said...

Not to be a total downer, but I always used to get so annoyed having to walk through Stone Street during the summer when all those tables were out there. But that was because I used to walk through that street from my old office to the 2/3 stop at Wall Street, and would get really annoyed dodging drunk happy hour goers.

lyndyloo said...

It just looks how I remember that part of the city.. I loved it all. I can't wait to go back some day soon.