Friday, April 20, 2007

Making A Mountain Out Of A Mole Hill

Central Park has a variety of terrains including this rocky hill that overlooks the Upper East Side. Some of these hills can be 20 feet high and end with a steep drop onto the ground below. I have seen people sitting on top of these hills but I can never figure out how they get up there.

Since I'm not an adventurous climber, I have never tried to get up on the hills myself. To see some photos of someone trying to climb down from the rock, click here.

When I go to Central Park, I usually take a leisurely walk around or rent a bicycle at the Boathouse Restaurant parking lot.


thwany said...

wow... that is an awesome shot.

Fabrizio ikol22 said...

I win the yearly lazy award and for sure I shouldn't be that who climb that buuuut your photo it's wonderful :-)))

Belinda said...

Great shot. I'd be too scared of heights to attempt a 20ft climb.

When are the leaves coming????

Keropok Man said...


i had to look at the URL, if that is NYC!

cool shot!

pom d'api said...

Hi! Central park as many landscape, wonderful.
Good week, see you soon

Olivier said...

belle perspective, elle est tres originale cette photo, bravo.
Je te souhaite un bon weekend

beautiful prospect, it is very original this photograph, cheer. I wish you a good weekend

angela said...

That's a great angle. Love those buildings..

Anonymous said...

A nice photograph of a city that is so large most people who live there never get all around in their lifetime. I suppose it would be like visiting a different country or a different world if you went everywhere. I like the text that went with your photograph today.

I came to thank you for visiting my blog, yesterday, and for your comments about Patty's last radiation treatment. She was so pleased that I heard from so many people, including Eric, and I know it made her day extra-special. She was also surprised that some of you also visited her blog and left comments there. So thank you for your visit and comments. Being new to the community, it was a big surprise to us. Thanks again.

Abe and Patty Lincoln
Brookville Daily Photo

Z said...

Very nice! I'm not so adventurous, but I'm having to retrain myself in CH. I feel like such a kartoffel over here.

Yesterday's photo with the reflection from the bench is well done!

stilettoheights said...

lol, I wondered how they got up there too, I know I will never be one of them, but it's still wonderful to see them there.

I am longing for new york right now...painfully so.

Dsole said...

that's a great perspective!

Carolina Lange said...

Wow, great photo! Your blog has so many beautiful photos!

Kate said...

I think that people get up there the taking the same route the guy did in your other link, only reversing the process. Your photo is a spectacular view of the park--nice angle!

Peter Fristedt said...

Z: In Switzerland 20 feet is nothing? I mean, you are not adventurous in CH if you climb 20 feet, are you?

Ming (tm) and other New Yorkers: Whenever I visit NY I tend to end up in Central Park at some point. Guard it well! It's a nice place.

Here's a hill-shot of my park (Tanto) in Stockholm, Sweden. I live in the white-ish house on the immediate right side of the bridge.

Strangetastes said...

Ming - as always, great NYC atmosphere that makes me homesick. Sometimes I try to check how connected I still am by identifying things in pictures - is that the GM Building on the right?

By the way, check out today's (Friday's) Buenos Aires CDPB post


St. Louis Missouri Daily Photo Blog

tigerfish said...

I like those leafless trees/branches.
But somehow it reminds me of a witch's fingers. :O

Kuanyin said...

I like the angle of this shot!