Friday, April 6, 2007

Cute As Cute Can Be

First off, I would like to wish everyone who celebrate Easter a Happy Good Friday.

When I take photographs, I normally shoot between two to ten frames of the same subject at different angles. I like to have options when I choose which photo to post on the blog.

Sometimes, I find two or three beautiful photos of the same subject and I am at a loss with which photo to use. If I choose one, do I have to "discard" the others.

This is an example of that dilemma.
I have two beautiful photos of this beautiful French Bulldog puppy from the Green Market at Union Square. I posted the first photo earlier this week and I am posting the second one today because I think he deserves an encore appearance. Do you agree?

So how many frames do you shoot when you take the photos of a subject?


Anonymous said...

Yes, dogs are beautiful people, in their own way. I like this picture of this dog. Clean ears and all.

How many pictures do I shoot of a subject?

Interesting that you asked. In film I used to bracket shots — so three.

In digital I shoot dozens or until the camera has to stop to transfer the images to the card. These are rapid and I spend a lot of time looking at them and discarding those that are not quite right.

I posted a picture today of our raccoon friend. I was inches away from this wild animal and it stood upright. I snapped a series of pictures. All are different in subtle ways.

Brookville Daily Photo

Delta Movies said...

Top of the mornin' to ya!

Me thinks the boy likes the Frenchies.


The Toronto Team said...

OMG! That's my favourite breed. Whenever I see one I can't restist petting it. I will cross a busy street to greet a French Bulldog.
Great photo. Did he hold still for you or did you have to take a lot of shots to get this one?

isabella said...

Twice as nice!

Rafe Totengco said...

did he ever get his kiss? so cute.

Vincent Colignon said...

I'm a bit like you !!! I shoot a lot... For example when I was in New York last summer, I only stayed 6 days but I shot about 4000 photos... I did the same in Russia and in Japan...I always wonder if I have a ghood shot,with a good contrast,brightness.. so most of times i shoot like 10 times the same subject !!!

My best performance was a statue in Japan, it was quite hard to shot it, so i took 24 pictures from various angles !!!

See you

zannnie said...

it's cute!:) love it

stilettoheights said...

I love French bull dogs, is it me or do they look like that alien "stitch" in Lilo and Stitch....

wow, I can't believe I just made a Disney reference...


Ex-Shammickite said...

What nice pink ears! Great photo, makes me want to bend down and pet him!

pom d'api said...

I love this dog, he's so beautiful, I love animal
Nice to meet you

Olivier said...

il va devenir ta mascotte ;o) je te souhaite un bon weekend de pâques, a chasser les oeufs dans Central Park

it will become your mascot; O) I wish you a good weekend of Easter, has to drive out eggs in Central Park

Jilly said...

Yes Ming, I agree. Great to see this adorable little chap again.

Jilly x

Ming_the_Merciless said...

abraham lincoln - What is bracket shots? Is that like three-consecutive frames in 1 second? Mine takes about 4 second to recharge after each shot; longer if I used the flash.

delta movies - Shhhh! Don't go telling everyone my secret.

toronto team - No, the little guy was very excited and restless. I took about 6 frames and two came out with his face looking at me. He showed me his butt in the other shots.

rafe - I didn't kiss this one but I do kiss dogs. Just don't remind me where their nose went before I kissed it.

vincent colignan - Well, I finally found someone as obsessive as me. :-)

stilletoheights - You are so right! I never made that connection.

pon d'api - Nice to meet you too.

olivier - Good idea! I'm sure there's an Easter Egg Hunt going on somewhere. I will shoot some photo when I find one.

isabella & zannie & jilly - Thanks for stopping by.

Jilly said...


I left a response to your question on this posting

many thanks for stopping by. J x

Todd HellsKitchen said...

Cute Pup!

I take as many as I need til I think I got the right shot....

edwin s said...

Sometimes I shoot just one frame and it's 'the one' and other times...well, I have 3 2GB cards.

About the template, I'm still using the old Minima template (I didn't upgrade it after switching to the new Blogger) and readjusted the size dimensions. Then I size down my images to fit the template. They don't go any wider than 640px.

If you know the dimension of the post side of your blog, then resize your images to fit. Once you've done that, all you need to do after uploading the shot is to change a number. Eg. Once you've uploaded the shot to your post, you'll see all those numbers (17889202jpeg.anjdikjm2334) and right at the end you see the number (s400), change it to (s1600). Provided that you've resized your images to the width of the post, your pictures will come out larger.

I hope I've not confused you. You know where to find me :)

Keropok Man said...

nice pup!

Blessed Easter to you too.

hmmm we can't leave comments anymore for your April 7 post anymore? after the enlarge pictures?

Oya said...

At least two. This one deserves moore...