Monday, April 2, 2007

How about a kiss for me?

I met this cutie pie over the weekend. He was inquisitive, restless, impatient and totally adorable. But he would not stay still for a photo so his owner cradled him while I quickly snapped the photo. He was making a face because he was trying to sniff my camera.

He is a little French Bulldog puppy, one of the most popular breeds in New York City because of its size and intelligence. According to the New York Magazine article on Ten City-Friendly Dogs, French Bulldogs are great for small apartments because it has a good balance temperament and is not too energetic.

In the same issue of the magazine, there was a calculation of how much it would cost to own a dog in New York City. The tally ranged from $5,099.94 to $52,699.19 per year. Granted, some of the expenses are a little outrageous but who else gives you unconditional love?

So how about that kiss? He is still waiting for one!


alice said...

These little Bulldogs are very friendly, they usually like children and are very cuddly (hope this word is the right one?). But sorry, i don't kiss dogs, even this one!

Dsole said...

oh... that's a lot of money!
Nice information and cute photo, Ming!
But I'll stroke him instead of kissing ;)

edwin s said...

My neighbour's got 2. The male one, Monster, lives up to his name. And my dogs don't get along with him AT ALL! But I agree, adorable dogs.

The Wellspring said...

Awww, he is so cute!

~Lisa in Quito

isabella said...

Oh, he slobbered all over my face!

Some fascinating info about the costs of keeping a dog. But don't let that discourage you, Ming - as you know, you can't put a price on love ;-)

(PS Bad boy! You started a rumor on my it's spreading ;-)

Olivier said...

photo culte, il est mignon ce petit chien ;o)
Waouhhhh c'est onéreux d'avoir un chien à NYC. Je ne pensais pas que cela coutait si cher !!!

photo worship, it is nice this puppy; O) Waouhhhh they is expensive to have a dog with NYC. I did not think that that was so expensive!!!

photo-effe said...

very little Buldog, nice taken

Chuckeroon said...

Hi Ming. I'm glad that I bumped into this Charmer on my way through your Blog. I fully believe those figures....but for chap like him, he's worth every penny!!!

angela said...

He's a cutie though my heart's been given to my two golden retrievers..I wouldn't want to know how much they'd cost in NY..

icewine34 said...

Wtill they remain small-size like this? This one looks so whitish...

thwany said...


Annie said...

It might just be worth all that money for a lifetime of unconditional love.

Jilly said...

How did I miss this little bundle? French bulldogs are adorable. In fact I've got one here right now - en pension, that is.

You must see one of my favourite blogs on Frenchies - he lives in New York too.

Manhattan Chien is called Eti - he's a Frenchie who was actually born in Russia. His owner is a talented graphic artist and in fact designed my Postcards blog header for me. See:

I must make sure I don't miss a day with your blog, Ming. Love dog pics and this one is great. Your blog is always so interesting but goodness, so is New York!

Jilly xxx

Delta Movies said...

Absolutely adorable!!!

Can't wait for you to get one.