Sunday, October 12, 2008

Broadway Stage for "In The Heights"

This photo was taken inside the Richard Rodgers Theater last Wednesday where I went to see the Tony Awards (Best Musical, 2008) Broadway show, In The Heights. Most Broadway shows forbid photography inside the theater. But at this show, everyone was taking photos of the set before the show started. So I did too. The attendants didn't seem to mind at all.

The show was amazing. It had a wonderful mix of hip-hop, rap, R&B, salsa and soul, which were all very modern and new for this genre of entertainment. If you liked West Side Story and Rent, this is the show for you. In fact, it is the West Side Story of the 21st Century.

So have you seen any good live shows lately?


Lily Hydrangea said...

This is funny, I took my son to see Rent just this past summer.We brought him once a few years ago & we wanted to see it again before it closed. They were adamant about people not taking pictures.
Though now I hear Rent will be taking a National tour with some of the original cast members soon.
I remember when West Side Story first came out. It was all the rage.Sounds like In The Heights should be our next show!

Virginia said...

Well funny you should mention it. I saw a delightful last act of "City Mouse Country Mouse" at our CHildren's Theatre today! I am taking some photographs for them and for my blog. The crowd adored them and the four mice gave autographs afterwards. Watch my blog for pics. Would love to see a real Broadway play. Loved the musicals of the 60's. Ooopss, I am NOT that old. Your photograph today captures the mood of the curtain going up!Would love to see this one.

Babzy said...

The set seams very nice !

USelaine said...

That looks like it was great fun! I would love to see the touring production of Rent, if it ever comes to San Francisco.

The last live production I saw was "Frankie and Johnnie at the Clare de Lune" right here in Willits, and it was really well done, but that was a while ago.

Susu said...

I saw a flamenco spectacle at the Chaillot Theater just on the hilltop looking over the Eiffel Tower. First time for me in the building - I learned from a slate on the wall that the Declaration of Human Rights was signed there in the fifties.

Jules said...

Looks like a great show - how lucky you are to see it!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree: Best Musical Show are
USA Musical Show.
Have a good weekend

Monika said...

Nice mood!

Seen lately: Blue Man Group and Stomp.

ken mac said...

west side story of the 21st century? This I gotta see. Sounds great.

GMG said...

Hi Ming! Another hectic week; no, I’m not talking about the financial/economic crisis...;)
No musical recently; have to get back to NYC... furthermore with GROM around!!
Great Reflection shot and wonderful Grand Central! The Brits are coming? Amazing!
Meanwhile Blogtrotter has moved on to Mykonos! Hope you enjoy! Have a great Sunday!

Anonymous said...

I've been interested in seeing In the Heights for a while. Soon, I hope.


Todd HellsKitchen said...

Yeah, I liked the show, too... I think the ushers pretty much have given up with "before" show photos...

Elizabeth said...

Hey Ming!
This looks a wonderful set.
So glad you got photos of it.
So wonderfully NY.
I am back here and enjoying fall.

marley said...

You get shouted at if you take photos in WestEnd theatres! It sounds like a cool show. I really like Westside story so it could be up my street. The last show I saw was Phantom Of The Opera and it was amazing! I would see it again tomorrow if I could!

Anonymous said...

We saw a play in that theater a number of years back. Can't remember which one. Loved Rent and Westside Story, so maybe we'll see "Heights" this December.

Last live production I saw was 9-5, a musical now in LA, and soon on it's way to NYC with Allison Janney.

Great inside shot, Ming.


Knoxville Girl said...

Nice shot, Ming. You and Hilda at My Manila are the pros at taking theater photos.
I think the last live show I attended in a theater was Jerry Springer, the Opera at the National Theatre in London, although it was a few years ago. I did see our local outdoor Shakespeare productions this summer.

L.Shaw said...

We don't go to too many Broadway shows, but we LOVE concerts.

Last show I saw was Spring Awakening.....yawn!

Just Roaming The Cities said...

Two nights ago just saw
"My Fair Lady"
at the State Theater in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. An excellent performance. I had seen the off-Broadway production of My Fair Lady just about 9 months ago and it was spectacular.
This one was, for a smaller town budget, amazing. Great singing and wonderful costumes.

I haven't got to experience live shows for years until the past year of my life, where I dumped a failed marriage and adventured on to a relationship with someone who shares my love of theater, concerts, shows, outdoors, and all things alike. I am fortunate to have found my soulmate to do these things with now.

Next show I want to see:
The Nutcracker and A Christmas Carol.
Next band I'll pay good $ to see:
Tonic Sol-Fa.

thwany said...

this set looks like they stole it from "Avenue Q."

• Eliane • said...

The last musical I saw was Mamma Mia, probably a year ago or so. It was terrible. They were singing completely off key, the story was moronic, I never paid so much for something so bad and it basically convinced me not to see musicals for a long, long time. I want to see a good play!! Any recommendation?

Jilly said...

Oh lucky you and thanks for taking the photograph so we can share it. You've so captured the atmosphere on this stage.

I last saw a revue in Salt Lake City - a sort of parody on Utah politics - a bit beyond my knowledge but v funny - including lots of gay mormons - very funny.