Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Union Square Subway Station

Union Square Park is probably the second most popular park in New York City, after Central Park. It is located on 14th Street and Broadway Avenue. A green market meets on the north end of the park every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday and some of the best restaurants are located within a blocks of here. Many chefs buy their fresh produce at the market here.

Union Square Park has not always been a popular place in the city. In the 1880s, it was a site of labor rights and union worker demonstrations among the blue collar workers. Then crime and drugs took over the neighborhood in the 1970s and 80s. Gentrification began in the 1990s and today, it has become a very popular neighborhood for locals and tourists alike.

This photo of the Union Square subway station was taken at the south west corner of park. The huge concrete platform on the right is a popular place where young NYU students and street performers congregate and hang out.


Dsole said...

Hey, I love watching NY thru your eyes... I learn too much :) It seems a place with so much life on it!

Olivier said...

ce parc est magnifique (meme si je prefere le bryant park ;o) ). belle photo de nuit et au fond on voit la superbe Metropolitan Life Tower illuminée. NYC la nuit c'est sublime, un paradis pour les photographes

this park is splendid (same if I prefer bryant it park; O)). beautiful photograph of night and at the bottom one sees superb Metropolitan Life Tower illuminated. NYC the night it is sublime, a paradise for the photographers

Annie said...

I'm charmed to see so many people out and about at night. Of course, in New York City I suppose there's never a time when the streets are empty, right?

Ming_the_Merciless said...

dsole - thank you.

olivier - I was testing out my tripod. :-)

annie - only some parts of the city are constantly alive, esp. near restaurants & bars and universities. Wall Street is practically dead after 9 PM cos' there are very few residential properties there.

Nathalie said...

Tisserie? Pas Tisserie ? Patisserie?
I have so many favorite pastries and I'll give their names in French (can anyone else do really good pastries?)
L'opéra au chocolat, l'éclair au café, la tarte aux framboises et aux myrtilles.... should I continue?

Keropok Man said...

we seldom see the word subway in singapore, but nowdays we do, but the subway is the related to makan. you should know what i mean. oops. glutton here :-)

loehrwald said...

Hi Ming,

this photo really gives me wanderlust: the Hotel on my last stay in New York was on E 15th St... :-)

Thanks for your post on HDP!

Marc Loehrwald