Thursday, February 15, 2007

Close Encounter of the Third Kind

Store window displays are always an interesting sight in New York City. This one from Barneys New York is especially interesting because it shows a blue mannequin being attacked by little white people. Actually, these little white people are Munnies. Munnies are small vinyl action figures made by Kidrobot, a creator and retailer of limited edition collector toy figures. They are extremely popular among teenagers and college students. Recently, Kidrobot ventured into the apparel business and it is doing very well, especially among its core fans, the toy collectors.

While researching the identity of the little white people in the photo, I discovered these Gorillaz action figures. Aren't they cute? You can watch the video starring these action figures by clicking here. I love this video!!

Do you have a favorite toy or do you collect anything special?


Olivier said...

merci pour la video, je ne connaissais pas du tout (pas encore arrive en France, enfin je pense). moi c'est les peluches (mais pas trop car m'ami amedée est rapidement jaloux ;o) ).

thank you for the video one, I did not know at all (not yet arrives to France, finally I think). me they is the cuddly toys (but not too friendly bus me amedée is quickly jealous; O)).

Keropok Man said...

I am weird. I have a collection of sugar sachets! LOL...

from different restaurants, hotels all from different countries.

Lavender Lady said...

Wow. Munnies...reminds me of the smurfs my youngest used to collect. I guess he comes by it honest. I collect...not necessarily in this order...fabric (I'm a quilter), vintage jewelry (I've rarely met an old rhinestone pin I didn't like), and paper. I seem to have the hardest time just throwing it away. Must be my age....Oh, yes...Miniture snow babies. They quit making them I guess they didn't hear how "mad" I was for them.

Oya said...

They are intersting. You asked about Turkish Raki ib your comment ob Istanbul DP. Raki is an alcoholiv beverage with a very high alcohol content. You can find more info on

Oya said...

They are intersting. You asked about Turkish Raki in your comment on Istanbul DP. Raki is an alcoholic beverage with a very high alcohol content. You can find more info on

edwin s said...

thanks for the Tanya Chua youtube vid :)

Anonymous said...

In Switzerland, the little coffee creamers come with foil lids that feature places or animals or flowers -- every creamer I've gotten has had a unique lid. Apparently, there are people who collect them. No, I'm not one of them!

Dsole said...

well... I don't collect toys... Ok, i have mines and keep them from my childhood, but everyones did it uh?

Nathalie said...

Wasn't at all seduced by the Gorillaz figures. The Manga Culture doesn't work for me. I'd throw the lot in the bin immediately if I could.

Oh, looks like we have to start collecting sugar sachets for Keropok man ???

Nathalie said...

Loved your chair installation post. I have an aunt who did installations with chairs in a Theater hall. When people entered the theatre they saw them piled in a certain way. When they came out after the show the were arranged in a different way... hmmm is that art? I have doubts but i'm polite so I didn't tell her.

Delta Movies said...

How cool! Of course munnies haven't yet hit the 'South' yet, and I'm not holding my breath, but, they sure are interesting.

I love your hook line, 'Blue man gets attacked by little white people.' Perhaps something for our space faring future...?


It's very cold down here!


Ming_the_Merciless said...

olivier - I thought amedée when I posted this photo.

keropokman - This is a great venue to collect sugar sachets. I've seen those cute square sugar cubes and long straw shape sugar sachets here in NYC and in Europe. :-)

lavenderlady - I know some people who love snow babies too. Didn't know they were discontinued. You might have a prized collection there.

oya - Thanks for the explanation.

edwin - You're welcome. Tanya ROCKS!

Z from Villigen - I think some of the yogurt lids here are like that too.

dsole - No teddy bears in my bedroom. I swear!! I DO NOT HAVE A TEDDY BEAR!! :-))

Natalie - I don't get the manga craze too. Cartoons are supposed to be funny and cute, not dangerous or sexual.

DMov - Give it a couple of years. It will get to Monroe one day. :-)

pcfranchina said...

Nice shot.


Annie said...

Who knew? Not me. I really enjoy getting these lessons in contemporary culture.