Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

These young lovers were holding hands and whispering sweet little nothings to each other at the Grand Central Station late one night. Were they celebrating an anniversary? Or were they secret lovers meeting at the train station? Regardless, romance was definitely in the air.

The photo is a little blurry. I saw them as I was walking through the station and snapped a quick photo as soon as their backs were turned from me.

Hope everyone has a wonderful and enjoyable Valentine's Day.


Rasa Malaysia said...

You are a great photographer...I would love to see your food pictures!!!! ;)

Olivier said...

belle photo pour feter la st valentin, dans un des plus beaux endroits de NYC.
Je te souhaite une bonne st valentin.

beautiful photograph to celebrate St Valentine, in one of the most beautiful places of NYC. I wish you good St Valentine.

Lavender Lady said...

I vote for secret makes the story more interesting.

Oya said...

They look like secret lovers to me :)

delphidailyphoto said...

how beautiful are all these sweet little nothings...blury is fine :-)

Jing said...

sweet photo!!
i can feel the nice atmosphere.

happy V day!!

Paz said...

Hi Ming: I love your photos! Thanks for stopping by my site and commenting!


Paz said...

P.S. I vote for secret lovers, too!

Happy Valentine's to one and all!


Carlos said...

You caught them red handed.

Keropok Man said...

it looks like it is a secret rendezvous. just my guess. ;-)

happy v day Ming!

Chris & Deb said...

a wonderfully intimate portrait! Valentine's greetings from Minneapolis!

missy said...

definatly secret lovers! I think the postman must have lost all my valentines cards!
Happy valentines day to everyone

Ming_the_Merciless said...

Wow, so many votes for secret lovers. It's a good thing I didn't show their faces!! :-)

Happy Valentine's Day everyone.

Dsole said...

Ming, so you snap the photo and run! that's funny! makes me smile, and you get a beautiful photo!
Happy day!

angela said...

Blurry? surely not...simply soft focus for our secret lovers.
I wonder if they know they're famous..

Ming_the_Merciless said...

dsole & angela - thanks for the complements

Kuanyin said...

Ming I realized today when I was doing my update that I didn't have you listed! But now you are! :-)

Happy Valentine's Day!

Delta Movies said...

Can't help but hear that old song in my head now...'Secret lo-o-o-vers, that's what we are...'

I'm thining that you're also part private eye too...?

I like the audio tricks in that building too. Apparently the design causes soundwaves to travel in very particular directions allowing you to hear the whisper of someone across the immense rooms.

Deep South