Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Ice Carving @ Central Park Winter Jam

Ice carving is a form of art that produces temporary sculptures that will eventually disappear into a puddle of water. The ice sculpture begins its life as a special block of super clear ice made from pure, clean water to reduce the appearance of air bubbles in the ice, which can make it opaque. First, the carver uses chainsaws and chisels to create the shape of the sculpture. Then more precision chisels and grinders are used to carve the details and smooth out the surfaces. Once it is completed, it is stored in a temperature control room until it is ready to display or delivery.

This photo, taken at the Central Park Winter Jam this past weekend, shows a young artist demonstrating this ice carving skill. We are experiencing a bout of super cold weather this couple of weeks. Notice the ice on the floor is not melting and the family in the background are bundled up in their winter coats.

Are you an artist? Aside from the photography, what kind of art do you do?


Olivier said...

je trouve superbe ces sculpteurs sur glace, le plus beau des arts ephemeres. je savais pas qu'il y avait en hiver des sculptures sur glace à central parc

I find superb these sculptors on ice, most beautiful of transitory arts. I did not know that there was in winter of the sculptures on ice with exchange park

Dsole said...

Wow... this is so amazing...
I love making puzzles, is that an art? ^^

Jilly said...

Hi Ming
Thanks so much for leaving a comment on my new Menton blog. Really appreciate that. Hey, you live in my favourite American city. Just love the buzz and energy of New York. I stayed in TriBeCa a couple of years ago. To answer your question on the distance between Marseilles and Menton - I think it's about a 3 hour drive, maybe a little more - around 210 ks.

Love the ice carving.

Jilly x

angela said...

I'm not any kind of artist but I can appreciate beauty and I think this sculpture is beautiful. I wonder how long it took.

Curly said...

It's all far too clever for me to contemplate Ming. My only art is what I see through the lens of my camera!

isabella said...

My brother was CIA trained (no, not that CIA, but the Culinary Institute of America) and ice carving was his favorite subject!

Ming_the_Merciless said...

olivier - the ice sculpture part of a winter celebration at Central Park.

dsole - show us some photos of your puzzle.

jilly - tell us more about your trip to New York.

angela - I think it took the guy only 30 minutes or so to carve that sculpture.

curly - photography IS art. :-)

isabella - you should post some photos of his work.

Keropok Man said...

they remind me of those in weddings! those swan ice sculpture they have that melts till the wedding dinner is over!

i am not much of an artist. what about you?

Nathalie said...

I find ice carving absolutely fascinating! Haven't tried that yet, although I did a brilliant snowman last Christmas in the Alps, it looked like one of the seven dwarfs, seated with his short legs in front of him, a long nose, a sharp chin and a pointed hat!

dolphinstate said...

thanx for dropping comments in my blog :-)

i havent seen an ice sculpture event yet, but seen sand sculpture event in WA..ice sculpture sounds really cool, cool as ice

(P.S. you have really exciting blog posts)