Monday, March 26, 2007

Artist Colony: Art Sale

We had our first beautiful sunny weekend of the spring season and everyone was outside enjoying the weather, including me. I was so happy to see the sun out again that I felt like twirling and singing, "The hills are alive with the sound of music....!" Okay, maybe not so much twirling as in hopping and skipping.

On Saturday and Sunday, after fueling myself with brunch and three cups of coffee at my favorite cafe, I walked all over the city armed with my little trusty camera and took over 150 photos for this blog. I took multiple shots of the same scenes from different angles so I will be lucky to get at last 10 usable photos. Nonetheless, I will be profiling the Union Square market for the next couple of days.

This photo of the artist colony that congregates at Union Square every Saturday shows the city's support for art and creativity. Some of the artists are extremely talented while others are merely entrepreneurial. Art works for sale range from photography and paintings to sculptures and tchotchkes.

So do you collect any tchotchkes?


Fabrizio ikol22 said...

NYC in Spring must be wonderful ! Unfortunately the only time I visited it was Winter. LoL. I agree about street artists: some of them are really talented and yes, I do the same about photos (I take lot of them to publish in days).

Olivier said...

d'accord avec fabrizio, NYC au printemps est superbe (ma saison preferée, plus trop froid, pas encore trop chaud). ce marché est superbe

with fabrizio, NYC in spring agrees superb (my preferred season, too cold, not yet too hot). this market is superb

Anonymous said...

That art fair brings back a lot of memories. I like the photograph as it touches the minds of people everywhere who have seen scenes like this where they live. Great shot too.
720 pixels

Annie said...

Ming, you have promised us a wonderful walking tour of NYCity and I know you will show us all kinds of sights we never even imagined before. How I look forward to seeing everything - and reading all about it. This photo of the outdoor Art Sale today is wonderful. Here in central Arkansas the art sales are conducted indoors, for the most part, and used items are sold outside, on driveways.

TCho said...

i can't wait to start my runs down W. Side Highway again with my stops at the Union Sq Market

Ming_the_Merciless said...

fabrizio - I agree. Spring is my favorite season but it is always too short.

olivier - I am so happy to say that I totally understand your statement in French. I have been refreshing my French by reading all your comments and post in French, then in English.

abe lincoln - I love art, unfortunately I don't have the talent nor patience to create them.

annie - Thanks! We have a HUGE outdoor garage sale every Sunday in Chelsea where people from the tri-state area (NY, NJ, CT) come to unload their furniture, chinaware, etc. at a car park. I will go next weekend (if it doesn't rain) to take some photos. Stay tuned.

Tcho - I can't wait to eat some Spring veggies. :-) And I only run after the bus.

TCho said...

I was just noticing your links. so are you part of some sort of "official" Daily Photo network? Is there an umbrella organization for all these photo sites?

Ming_the_Merciless said...

Yes, TCho. There is a webring with over 100 Daily Photo participants from all over the world.

GMG said...

Union Square market is a nice week-end entertaiment! And then one has Barnes & Noble, the Union Square Cafe or (my favourite) the Blue Water Grill... :))

Rafe Totengco said...

Damn, I missed this and I'm right around the corner. I'm having a sample sale this week. If you can help me spread the word, I'd appreciate it. All the info. is up on my blog.

Anonymous said...

Je voulais te remercier car ton blog m'apporte beaucoup de bien car gràce à lui je "vis" un petit peu à New York. New York est vraiment ma ville préférée et chaque fois que tu postes des photos ça me rapelle de bons souvenirs. Alors merci beaucoup

Hi apparently you speak french so i left my comment in french as well.I really wanted to thank you because your blog is really great for me because by reading your posts everyday about stuffs happening in New York, it's a bit like if I was living in the City. Anyway every time you post a picture reminds me a lot of good memories, especially when you're going to places like Washington Square or Bryant Park. God I love this city !!!

You should go to the Upper West Side near Riverside Dr and Riverside Park, it's a great neighboorhood with a lot of interesting buildings of various architectural styles.
By the way let me advice to watch one of my favourite movie "You've Got Mail" starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan...If you love New York you'll love it !

Well see you and thank you again.


Thank You for Everything !!!

Vincent (Brussels, Belgium)

Ming_the_Merciless said...

Vincent, thank you very much for the kind words.

You are very perceptive about my "adventures" in NYC. You noticed that I have not covered the Upper West Side. This is because it is not one of my favorite places to visit despite its yuppy reputation. Also it is a pain to get to from the east side. But I will go there and take some pictures soon.

Yes, I love "You Got Mail", which is very Upper West Side. It is one of my favorite movies too.

Anonymous said...

Wow! 150 photos? Cool! With so many, how do you pick one photo to post. I can never make up my mind.

What's are tchotchkes?