Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Soul Train with The Cauldron / YouTube Addiction

I saw a fabulous new band called The Cauldron at my neighborhood cafe last Saturday. The band rocked the place down with some great soul music and Top 40 hits. My favorite part of the evening was when they sang one of my favorite songs, Crazy by Gnarls Barkley, which got me up on my feet and dancing with the crowd.

That brings us to my addiction to YouTube, the ubiquitous video website where the most interesting videos around the world are posted. Because of YouTube, I have discovered some of the best music (and videos) in the world. Here are some of my favorites: Je Viens du Sud by Chimene Badi; Donne by Myriam Abel; Intoxication by Gentleman; Perfect Harmony by Wang LeeHom, Rain & J-Lim; Feel Good Inc. by Gorillaz; Kung Fu Fighting by Fatboy Slim; I Don't Love You Enough by Andy Lau & Kelly Chen; No Mes Ames by Jennifer Lopez & Mark Anthony.

What are your favorite songs?


Jing said...

what i like most are some Chinese songs...but i like some jazz music,which always can drive me sway my to toe.

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Fabrizio ikol22 said...

Tonight I'll go to listen (and watch) your video. To reply to your question I love Classical, Jazz and R&B. One of my favourite player is Jimmy Scott.

Olivier said...

la soiree devait être sympathique. personnellement je prefere le blues et le jazz, et surtout deux bluesman new yorkais : Popa Chubby et Big Ed Sullivan.
Sinon je suis plus pour de la chanson Française, j'aime bien comprendre les textes

the evening was to be sympathetic nerve. personally I prefer the blues and the jazz, and especially two bluesman new yorkais: Popa Chubby and Big ED Sullivan. If not I am more for French song, I like to include/understand the texts

Abraham Lincoln said...

I like the photo and the music if it is not too loud.

Thanks for visiting my blog. And to answer your question about the vultures find food. I don't know as they finally soarded away and out of my sight. I assume they stay up until they find something. Since we are along Interstate 70 that runs east and west across our country, a lot of animals are struck of vehicles and many crawl off into fields to die. So that is a source of food for them.

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Vincent Colignon said...

I love Classical and Film Music.
But I also like Jazz, Blues and PoP/RnB (especially when i'm out to party)...

If you know a bit about Film Music, my favorite composers are James Newton Howard, Hans Zimmer and John Williams.

Annie said...

I only know two of those you listed. I'm way behind on my cultural knowledge of the contemporary music scene.

I'll tell you two of my favorites: Buddy Guy and Joan Armatrading.

thwany said...


Rudy said...

Thanks for the links to the youtube videos. I will check them now; well, except for the JL NO ME AMES.

I believe this is the first time I am commenting here, so I want to say I am enjoying the walk around NY.

Have a safe trip.

Ming_the_Merciless said...

fabrizio & vincent - I played classical piano for almost 10 years when I was a kid. I had to practice at least an hour every day before I was allowed to watch TV. After I left home to go to college, I refused to play the piano or listen to classical music ever again. :-)

abraham lincoln - HA! My friend and I had dinner at a restaurant recently and we were complaining that the music was too loud. Then we realized we were no longer kids because the music was too loud. :-)

jing, olivier, annie, thwany & rudy - thanks for visiting.

Z said...

I actually wanted to comment on your pigeon nest, but I couldn't access the comment section... As for what's in our backyard, I guess I'll just have to show y'all one of these days.

- z in Villigen CH

Delta Movies said...

Is this at that place where the owner/cook used to chef for Julia Roberts..?


Abraham Lincoln said...

I tried to find a way to leave a comment on the pigeon in the nest in the post above but couldn't find where the link is. I would have said:

Thank you for the link to my blog. I hope people love Nature. Without it we would all be as stiff as some of the buildings around us.

I would have left a comment that said something like this: If this was taken in Texas where George W. Bush lives, this would have been a Texas Bald Eagle in its castle. Love the post. Like the photography too.

The thing you probably didn't pay much attention to are the prongs on the "C" used in an effort to prevent this very thing from happening but the bird is a survivor and knows how to get around things like that.

The other thing is the string looped around and in front of the initial. That is an old trick, when used properly, will prevent egg robbers from getting into a nest in a bird house. It doesn't work here because the gap between the strings have sagged or weathered and are too far apart.

I know all of this from years of working with wildlife in my own backyard.

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