Sunday, May 11, 2008

Yellow Blooms

I don't know what type of blooms these are but they have beautiful intense yellow flowers and soft green buds on them. There was a table full of them at the green market at Union Square yesterday. This is a macro shot of the blooms.

I would like to wish all mothers out there a HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY.


DeeDee said...

Oh my goodness simply beautiful...thank you for the nice mother's day wish...hope your having a great weekend..

Gwyn said...

Interesting! We call them buttercups here in Alaska. In fact, they grow like weeds in our yards. If one is not careful they'll completely take over. They are very beautiful, but quite invasive.

Monika N. said...

Thank you, Ming!

Gorgeous picture.

Abraham Lincoln said...

Buttercups. Who would have guessed that? Not me. I guess I have never seen them before but just the name.

I posted a picture of my furry mother for Mother's Day. She was so special we considered her part of our family.

Jun said...

heh. i thought u'd take a pic of carnations in conjunction with mom's day ;p do u have carnations thr btw?

citygirl15 said...

Thanks for the beautiful flowers and Mother's Day wishes. I'm celebrating with my kids tomorrow, which is also my son's 30th birthday.

Ex-Shammickite said...

Thank you for the Mother's Day flowers, they brighten my day!
OlderSon and my DIL took me out for dinner and gave me a hanging basket of pink begonias and a lovely picture frame.
Younger son and my DIL invited me to dinner and gave me a set of lovely makeup and jewellery purses.
I'm so lucky!!!
Ming... did you give your mother a nice gift?

• Eliane • said...

Des boutons-d'or!!!:)))
I think it's "buttercups", like Abe said. This is the perfect Mother's Day flower: the ones little girls pick up in the garden with some daisies to make an impromptu bouquet for their mom.
This is a great picture, btw. I can never get details of yellow flowers.

Paz said...



tigerfish said...

The green bud actually sticks out among the rest?!