Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Brooklyn Heights Promenade

This is the Brooklyn Heights Promenade on the western edge of Brooklyn overlooking the vista of Lower Manhattan across the East River. I took this photo last Saturday and edited the image before posting it on here. I enhanced the contrast and reduced the brightness. Then I cropped the photo to give it the image I want.

So do you edit your photos?


teahouse said...

Wow, what a great view!

I try not to crop my photos, but sometimes it's unavoidable...especially when my husband sticks his fingers into the edges of photos he takes.

• Eliane • said...

One of my favourite place out of the city.
I crop, add a signature and I really need to learn the rest but I don't have much patience and I don't have photoshop. :(

Wayne said...

I do when one of my fingers ends up in front of the lens.

Kitty suggested I take a stroll along here when I was in NYC. I walked over the bridge and turned left. By the time I'd dawdled around that area I didn't have the time or energy (I don't recall which) to walk the promenade. Next time for sure.

While I was over there I actually got some pictures of the Manhattan Bridge I was quite pleased with. No pressure Ming, but I think the Manhattan Bridge gets short shrift because the Brooklyn Bridge is so popular. I hadn't realized what a great looking structure it was.

Thanks for the post.

Kitty said...

I really like the promenade, though it startles me still how undeveloped the lower east side looks from that view.

Downtown is a layered mass that looks incredible. Funny eh?

Yes, I always tweak my photos. The best photographers did.

Ansel Adams' images were supposedly not much to sneeze at til he tweaked in the darkroom.

Just Roaming The Cities said...

I only crop and enhance color a bit. Other than that, I dont have a sophisticated photoshop or anything (yet). I like pictures mostly just as they are. Some that are "too pretty" bug me, because thats not how real life is. When I see a waterfall or a sunset that really is that beautiful I just think, wow , wouldn't it be great if I could just hold this memory forever in my brain? A photo comes close in reminding us how it looked when we saw it, but it can never 100% capture what we saw at that moment.

Anonymous said...

Mostly I crop if there's something distracting....and on occasion play with the lighting and shadows.

This is a great shot of an area I am not familiar with.

Thanks, Ming.


Olivier said...

j'adore cette promenade, on a une superbe vue, surement l'une des plus belles de NYC.
Personnellement, je recadre souvent mes photos

I love this walk, it was a beautiful sight, surely one of the most beautiful in NYC.
Personally, I often crop my photos

valeria said...

No, Ming. What you see is what I GET. I don't have a software to do ancient..!
I'd like to have a nice walk there and sit on one of the benches...
Bellissima foto!

Peter said...

Would have been interesting to see the difference!

(I do it very occasionally and only minor corrections, but I take a lot of photos and then choose.)

Mo said...

Saturday looks like a nice day. Yes I edit. It's not always easy to take the photo exactly as you want. Sometimes I know exactly what I need to do when I am taking the photo.

Virginia said...

Oh yes,
I almost always hit contrast a little and now that I have Elements, I play with the lighting some. When I have to resort to using that darn flash, I have to work on getting that nasty flash glare off. I shoot in Manual almost always and my techno skills are still not consistent so my lighting is always a bit of an issue. I tend to shoot so tightly that sometimes I don't need to crop but most times I do a little. So there you have it. My photographs need a lot of external help. Maybe I will improve!

The Promenade looks like a great place to enjoy an afternoon.

Lily Hydrangea said...

I like your view Ming.
I take many different photos of the same thing and then pick which one I like best. There is always one that stands out. Then usually I just sharpen it.

Alexa said...

Wasn't Saturday the perfect day for a walk on the Promenade? Just gorgeous. As is your doctored photo.
Embarrassed to admit that I don't know how to crop my photos. Probably would if I could. Don't do much tweaking, though, and don't have Photoshop (yet).

marley said...

Last time me & Phoebe were in NYC we walked along Brooklyn bridge and got some great shots, but we never stepped off the end to walk along the Promenade! I wish we had, the view of the city from there looks brilliant.

I tend to enhance the colours a bit and crop if it improves the focus of the photo. I'm always aware after I've enhanced and posted the photo that sometimes it looks a bit grainy - I think I over do it sometimes! But it's all part of the learning curve :)

Shammickite said...

I occasionally brighten things up a bit if the pic seems particularly dark. And sometimes crop a bit.... but that's what those photoshop type of computer programmes are for, right?

Anonymous said...

Very nice! You can see how everyone is enjoying the day.


L.Shaw said...

Good work on the photo.

I edit most of the time.

Chuck Pefley said...

Gee, Ming, you seem to have cropped me out of that photo. :)

Yes. Always. I have yet to meet a digital photo that wouldn't benefit from some kind of post production work.