Monday, February 9, 2009

Midtown Grand Army Plaza

This photo was taken on Saturday afternoon at the Grand Army Plaza on 5th Avenue and 60th Street in midtown. I have posted a photo of this statue before but from a totally different angle. The snow on the ground is slowly melting away but you can still see them here.

So can you identify the all the flags at the Plaza Hotel on the right?


Olivier said...

ton choix d'angle permet d'admirer aussi le superbe "The Crown Building" illuminé

your choice of angle can also admire the superb "The Crown Building" illuminated

Vogon Poet said...

I can spot only United States, Canadian and British flags...

valeria said...

Like Vogon Poet, I can't identify the first two flags. Have you Ming??
This view is so beautiful, I really wish I was there..!

Gecko said...

Errr, I can see the Canadian flag! Oh, and Britain!

This is a beautiful shot Ming, I actually feel like I'm standing there, I almost even feel cold!

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Anonymous said...

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Peter said...

A wonderful view with just the right light!! (Three flags OK, but the two others...)

missy said...

Correct me if I'm wrong but is that near the Paris cinema? We got picked up for the SATC tour near there and saw the Paris near the Plaza.
It looks cold and pretty there, keep warm.

Hilda said...

All the different types of architecture around this one plaza alone is fascinating!

Anonymous said...

Love this shot. Looks like the scene is tinged with gold.

I didn't know this place was called "Grand Army Plaza". It's good to learn something new. ;-)

About the flags... Let me see...


Changes in the wind said...

A very striking have such a gift of capturing moments that represents a multitude of years and lives, including the flags.

Virginia said...

I'm guessing The Plaza flag is the dark one and the second some kind of commercial flag as well. lovely shot Ming. Good angle on this one. Very nice. I think you are liking that new camera.

Julie said...

great perspective and the soft glow of the light is inviting even though it looks cold.

Shammickite said...

USA, Canada (YAY!!) UK, then I can't make out the white or the black flags.
Love the name Grand Army Plaza... it looks big enough to contain quite a large Grand Army.

Anonymous said...

Like the others, US, Canada and UK. Can't see the detail in the last two.

What a great perspective of The Plaza Hotel, Ming. This used to be THE hotel. I've heard that in the renovation there are now lots of VERY expensive condos on the upper levels and VERY pricey hotel rooms as well.

Do they still do their famous afternoon tea?


Alexa said...

missy -- yes, the Paris cinema (beloved of Carrie Bradshaw) is right around the corner (you can almost see it behind the Plaza.

I live on the OTHER Grand Army Plaza (the one in Brooklyn).

Great shot, Ming!

Alexa said...

btw, I too could only make out he US, Canadian, and British flags.

Jilly said...

Superb photography, Ming. What a wonderful wide shot.

L.Shaw said...

Great it!