Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Lily

This is a macro shot of the stamen and stigma of an Easter Lily bloom from the Rockefeller Center. There are hundred of Easter Lilies lining the flower beds at the Promenade there.

So what do you plan to eat for dinner tonight? Lamb chops?


Jacob said...

Great macro! No lamb. Who can eat little lambs?

Babzy said...

Nice macro , our lilies are not in bloom yet !

Lily Hydrangea said...

Beautiful flora pic Ming.
& I so wish I hadn't had pizza tonight.

Anonymous said...

This Pic is just stunning my favourite flower.
May be a bbq as the weather in scotland is lovely.

Hilda said...

Sigh. I wanted to get some white lilies today but the flower shop I frequent had run out of them.

Happy Easter, Ming!

And no dinner for me tonight — had too much for lunch!

Daryl said...


Happy Easter

Dinner .. fish and matzoh

marley said...

That is a fantastic macro photo.

No lamb chops for us. We had chicken covered with goats cheese and sundried red peppers. Delicious!

Happy Easter :)

Gecko said...

Excellent macro Ming! Ohh dont talk to me about greasy meat right now...*groans*

Neonmoon said...

Georgia O'Keefe comes to mind. Totally sensual.
I love lamb but I fixed a ham mostly for the rest of the family.