Friday, December 14, 2007

Otto Enoteca II

This photo was taken at Otto Enoteca just as we were seated, before the food and drinks arrived. Once the food hit the table, I'm was too busy eating to take any photos.

No question tonight. I'm too cold, wet and tired to think of anything intelligent to ask. Maybe you should ask me questions instead and I will try to answer them.


Strangetastes said...

Okay, I'll take your suggestion. Questions for immigrant New Yorker Ming from New York emigrant Strangetastes:

1. How do mere mortals afford to live in NYC?

2. Is Sunnyside still a cool place to live? (Note: Ming lives on the very block where I grew up.)

3. Is it really true that the NYPD hassles photographers who are trying to take pictures on the street with a tripod?

4. Who was the best mayor?
a Harold Bloomberg
b Rudolph Giuliani
c Ed Koch
d John Lindsay
e Robert Wagner
f Richard Daley

5. Is the subway really safe now?

6. How many different languages are spoken by public school children in Queens?

Extra credit:

Who is buried in Grant's Tomb? And why is he planted in the Upper West Side instead of the outskirts of St. Louis, where he tried to drink himself to death after the Civil War?

Enquiring minds want to know.

Strangetastes said...

OOPS - it's Michael Bloomberg, isn't it? I was probably thinking about Harold Washington.

teahouse said...

I like the grains on the wooden table.

What makes Ming tick? What's his favorite photo that he's ever taken?

Suz said...

Great shot. Great perspective. I REALLY like it. Peace!

tigerfish said...

I'll even spare you on all the answering.

On cold wet days, I get hungry so easily. I will be busy eating too :O

Zsolt said...

very nice perspective! this photo is great:)

marley said...

Cool photo. what is your favourite thing about living in New York?

alice said...

I hope you're in a warm place while I'm writing this! Here, no snow but in the morning, all is white beacause it's frozen.
Where will you be for Christmas and what gift do you think you'll have?

Ex-Shammickite said...

You're eating out AGAIN, Ming???

How did you get so cold, wet and tired?

Ming the Merciless said...

Oy vey! Did I open up a can of worm or what?


1. This is purely my observation: Most people who live in Manhattan are either from old money (ie. daddy bought them an apartment) OR they have 2 roommates squeezed inside a one bedroom apartment OR they are TWINKs (two income, no kids) OR they have highly paid jobs like corporate lawyers, investment bankers, money managers, etc. The rest of us live outside of Manhattan, like Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx or the Staten Island OR in Long Island or New Jersey.

2. Sunnyside, where I'm at, is still one of the nicer places to live in Queens. Geographically, it is really small (40th to 50th Street on Queens Boulevard) so it is usually overlooked when people talk about Queens. Sunnyside is also one of the more expensive places to buy in Queens because of the pre-war co-ops in the area and its proximity to Manhattan.

3. Despite its claims, NYPD does heavily rely on racial (and religious) profiling. So if you are white dude, dressed like a tourist, and carry a tripod, NYPD will probably leave you alone. They might even pose for you.

4. I've only lived in NYC for almost 10 years so I can only vouch for Guiliani and Bloomberg. I like both of them athough they are both Republicans. But then again, Republicans in NYC are like Democrats in Missouri. Personally, I think Guiliani is a little more arrogant than Bloomberg. Plus Guiliani thinks he's the purveyor of good tastes and morality. Seriously, I kid you not!

5. Yes, the subway is perfectly safe now. I was on the subway at 2:30 AM last Sunday morning, coming home from a Hanukkah Party and I felt totally safe. Obviously, this applies only to the trains on my route home.

6. I have no idea on how many languages kids speak nowadays in public schools.

Bonus Question: Don't know that one. Maybe someone can help me with it.

Ming the Merciless said...

What makes me tick? When I see my work being appreciated or that the extra effort I put in has yielded positive results is what motivates me. Sometimes, I also look for personal fulfillment (career wise) like do I enjoy doing what I do; can I see myself doing this for another 10 years; when I'm 75 years old, will I wish I had the courage to pursue something else instead of staying on the safe path? Obviously, lots of questions there.

My favorite things about living in NYC are: I don't have to drive here because the subway system takes me almost everywhere I want to go OR I take the cab/taxi to where the train doesn't go; I can get food or groceries or toiletries at all hours of the day because the neighborhood supermarkets are open 24-7.

I will be in NYC this Christmas. And I want one of those single serving, capsule loaded, cappuccino coffee machines as a gift. I will probably buy then for myself. And magazine subscriptions, which my brother and friends are getting for me already. :-)

It rained ice that turned to slush all day yesterday. And work is especially hectic this time of the year. So I was wet and cold, and tired. I need a vacation. I just want to sleep, read a book, watch some good movies, and drink my cappuccino. (see above)

Per Stromsjo said...

Come Saturday you'll feel a lot better, I'm sure. It's such a special day... :)

missy said...

Hi Ming,
1. so which part of New York do you live in?
2. The restaurant looks very romantic, who did you go with?
3. What did you have to eat there?
4. What is the weather like in New York at the mo?
Sunny, snowy, rainy, cold? And have you spied any Sex and the City filming? Check out my blog for an update on the fella and I xx

Chris said...

Ming, so sorry you're cold and wet. Nice photo, though. It warmed me up.

Question: Would you like fries with that?

(Sorry! I couldn't resist!!)

Ming the Merciless said...

1. I live in Queens, across the river from Manhattan.

2. I had dinner with 8 of my colleagues so it was hardly romantic.

3. We shared some appetizers, I ordered the thin crust pizza and ended with pumpkin bread compote with mascapone cheese and roasted almond slices.

4. It's been wet and cold.

Of course, but make sure it's crispy and well done. Nothing is worst than oil, limpy fries.

Annie said...

Oh you kind man, you answered my question already.

Ex-Shammickite said...

Thanks for the answer, Ming, I hope you're warmer and drier by now!

alice said...

Oh yes, I see, nespresso, what else? ;-)

Fabrizio - ikol22 said...

I'm in late but I would like to ask if you like ask wine and if you did drink it at Otto Enoteca.

P.S. for sure you know that "enoteca" is an italian greek derivated word that means "place where wine is hold = wine-cellar"

Rasa Malaysia said...

I went to a restaurant with the exact same name in Soho area of Hong Kong...hmmm, perhaps they are related, or maybe not. ;)

citygirl15 said...

Wish I were there too!

Keropok Man said...

what magazines do you subscribe to? :-)