Sunday, January 6, 2008

Cold Wet Winter Night

I got back from Montreal last night to a cold wet winter weather like this. This photo was taken a couple weeks ago in SoHo.

So what is the weather like at your hometown?


citygirl15 said...

Welcome back!

Rainy night skies in NYC, though milder weather is predicted.

Hope your stay in Montreal was fun!

Changes in the wind said...

Glad you are back:) It is mild here compared to most places and most days are sunny in Arizona:)

Strangetastes said...

Hope you enjoyed Montreal. Sorry we didn't have a chance to meet last weekend but there will be another time.

This picture has a sinister feel and there are plenty of such places in NYC. Not for me to explore any more.

BTW, loved your best of the year photo. So many people don't understand that there is more to NYC than Manhattan. I also particularly liked your picture on a foggy day looking west from the end of the 40th Street el station. That's when I guessed out common tie to Sunnyside.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! Cold, wet weather isn't much fun but it didn't last long, so that's good. ;-)

Nice shot.


Oh for the love of food! said...

Happy New Year Bud! How was Montreal? I'm glad you went away for some R&R! I've had some myself too. It's gonna be a scorcher this part of Down Under tomorrow - 40 degrees Celsius!
Wishing you a fantastic 2008 filled with Love, Prosperity and Good Health!xoxo

alice said...

Not so cold but so wet...! Welcome back, Ming.

Strangetastes said...

By the way, thanks for your several comments today. Yeah, I could get the same effect as a Lensbaby if only I could get a glasses-off image onto film or a graphics file. And I want to tell you, SLR camera viewfinders suck with trifocals.

Neva said...

WE went from 3* to today is 56* and all our snow is gone....go figure! Thanks for the nice comments...hope you had a nice holiday!

Ex-Shammickite said...

Weather on my street is shown on my blog today... fog, fog anf then more fog.
Oh, and did I mention that it's foggy?

• Eliane • said...
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Thinking Fool said...


I'm ready for Spring!

• Eliane • said...

Hope you had a wonderful time up there! What are you complaining about? Wasn't it a little bit colder in Montréal? I can't believe I've never been there yet.

In the Upper West Side, it was not wet at all last night. It was perfect for an evening walk. I had nearly forgotten how wonderful the sunset looks like on the Hudson.

tigerfish said...

I feel lousy whenever I reach a place and found it has been wet. Such a dampy feeling. :O

Hope your Montreal trip was good!

Olivier said...

content de ton retour, j'espère que ton voyage à Montreal c'est bien passé, pas trop de neige ?.
Ici a Evry : Vent et pluie, un sale temps pour faire des photos ;o)

Content of your return, I hope that your trip to Montreal went well, not too much snow?.
Here at Evry: Wind and rain, a bad time to make photos ;o)